Thursday, January 01, 2015


On Christmas Eve I received a call at 4:51pm on my phone from a number I did not know. As most people today would do, I ignored it and waited to see if a voice mail is left. No voice mail notification sounded so  I figured "spam". Then 2 minutes later another call from the same number, again I ignored it and waited for the voice mail notification. To my surprise the phone pinged "new message". I listened to the message and had a hard time understanding it so I put the phone on speaker mode and could quite not figure out the message.

Here is the message as I know transcribed it minus the personal information.

"Hi Ken, This is Heidi *****  and ***** from Roar Clothing  calling to wish you a Merry Christmas. If you get a moment give us a call back at your earliest convenience. you can reach me at (###)-###-####. Again this is Heidi ***** with Roar Clothing. Thank you.

So again at that time not understanding the call, we ignored it and figured "spam" again.

Gavin and I went on with our Christmas Eve giving no attention to the phone call.

Christmas morning came as with most families with young children "early morning semi awake".

After the presents were open and cups of coffee consumed I went to the computer to check online to see what the rest of the family was up to. I checked my e-mail and saw a e-mail from a Heidi *****

Hi Ken,

Merry Christmas!!!

My name is Heidi **** with Roar Clothing. I left you a voicemail earlier this afternoon. We are writing in regards to Roar's Supercar Sweepstakes you entered. Please give me a call at your earliest Convenience, we have some news to share!

Reach me anytime at (###)-###-####

Looking forward in hearing from you!

Heidi *****
Roar Clothing

So.. at 9:35 am Christmas Morning I called back thinking ok I"ll bite. Heidi answered after 4 rings. I said " Hi this is Ken and I am calling back in reference to a e-mail you sent me. I was thinking haha 9:30 Christmas morning that will make them think twice when calling anyone again. But to my total surprise Heidi was excited to hear back  from me.
From that point on it is kind of a blur of the memory but what I remember was that she congratulated me and was happy that she had gotten ahold of me on Christmas and asked if i knew what the phone call and message was about and I said that "I kinda do, but not really"      (I was not really thinking that I actually won anything).  

Heidi continued and said "You won the Roar Clothing Sweepstake.

 I followed by asking " Won what...?" She said "You won the car". 


Heidi "yes you won the Lambrogini"

Me. blurred memory again "no no way

Heidi " Yes, Yes you did 

The conversation then turned to Heidi telling me that yes  I won and that she wanted to know if it was ok for then to use my first name and last initial to put up on the Roar Clothing website and Facebook page as the winner of the Lambrogini. I of course agreed and she finished  by saying that on Monday after the holiday she would be getting back in touch with me with further details on the contest and the prize.  I thanked her and wished he a Merry Christmas and hung up.

I went back to the computer and went to RoarClothing and this is what I saw
So...... as far as I knew I won!!

I remember entering the giveaway because it was a question of which super car would you want.

From the website:

In celebration of their twentieth anniversary, Roar will be giving away either a Lamborghini or a Ferrari. The first car to accumulate a combined 1,000,000 votes and Facebook likes will become the Grand Prize in the national sweepstakes. Roar is excited to be working with Dillards on this exciting promotion, and will have an eighteen-city tour of the two cars. Guests at the tour locations will have an opportunity to view and vote for their favorite car; plus additional prizes – ranging from iPads to Roar gift cards – will be given to select winners at each tour stop. Official rules and forms of entry for the sweepstakes will be posted to, which will also list the location of the tour stops.

I did not realize that back in October the cars were in Lexington inside Fayette Mall on display in front of Dillard's. If I only knew I would have went.

SO.. after all that the rest of the Holiday long week end was fun and exciting as ever, sharing the news and having dinner with family on Saturday.

More Later...