Saturday, June 26, 2004

Busy Daze

Ive had a good week. As Fire Marshal I was able for a photo layout in the local paper (not sure when they will publish a lesson in "How to put out a stovetop fire". Then Friday I was on the local radio show "Talk of the town" Talking about Fireworks safety and our local fireworks show . Both were lots of FUN :-)

Monday, June 21, 2004


Wow I STINK on keeping up on bloging. Bro. Greg says it takes about 20 times doing something to becme a habit ...I have a ways to go. I think of things during the day that id like to post and then bang Im home and not posting lol. I have really enjoyed reading trish meg and jess's blogs It keeps me up on the florida front. Ill be trying to keep this up night all

Friday, June 11, 2004

Fri Daze

Worked a typical. Inspected a few paperwork more . Rented a couple of moview for tonight "Somethings gotta give " and "PayCheck". While watching "Something" I noticed that the Baloons from the Great American Brass Band Festival Baloon race were in the air. 28 BALOONS is what we counted Dick and I went about a mile down the road on 52 and found where they were all landing.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Second Daze


Mom in the house

Mom and Dick arrived this evening for a visit both look great. We all sat around and discussed how Karri and I want to paint our room ( the consensous is COLOR and LOTS of it :-) Watched the movie "Cheaper by the dozen" with Steve Martan. pretty funny and brought alot of memories of growing up back to the surface. It is quite a treat to sit and watch a movie with Mom. Karri and I had Fish and Rice for dinner. Tomorrow Ill be at work 8-4 with a lunch date with Mom Dick and Karri if she can get out of class (Publisher). We will be partaking of the Mexican Resturant that Mom and Dick Love. Its not that late but Mom and Dick are in bed so off I go Later.........

Crypto Confusion

My previous post is a cryptogram (code) have fun and solve it if you can :-)

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

First Daze + 1


First Daze

A pretty typical day in the neighborhood, 3 inspections and a couple of hours of paperwork. I talked to trish last night and she showed me megs , jess' and her blog and I thought Id give it a try .... any helpful thoughts would be much apreciated. Steak and Sweet potato with fresh corn what a great meal to have for dinner.