Wednesday, November 30, 2005

In Memory:

Irvin Harold Pflug
11-5-1914 11-30-2005

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Help wanted Please share

I have this photo of a place I would like identified .Any ideas anyone?

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sister Post

This entry is for my sister who asked me when I was going to add a post to my blog.
This is that entry. I have been busy with my other blog fir prevention today so this blog has suffered
I have also been listeningto some older music from Les Baxter to Martin Denny some cool 50s 60s music

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

A PreSchool Visit

Fire Prevention 2005

Well I have made it through another year of Fire Prevention I have spoken to over 2000 people this year ranging in age from 3-70. It has been a lot of fun. For those that were not aware October is National Fire Prevention Month and the week that October 9th falls on is Fire Prevention Week. It is an obsevence of the Chicago Fire of 1871.Use Candles with Care When you go out, blow out! was the theme for this years fire prevention month. In 2001 alone, candles started an estimated 18,000 home fires What’s more, young school-age children are the most likely to be hurt by the fires started by candles. The message we took to the children was the ABC’s of Candle Safety. A: Always have an adult with burning candles B: Blow out when you go out C: Candles aren’t for kids. This message was delivered by way of a presentation featuring text and photos of proper candle safety. Each child was given a pencil with the fire prevention theme imprinted on them to help the children share the candle safety tips with their parents. The teachers all received a pen and an candle safety brochure that focused on candle safety for adults.
During our visits to the preschools and daycare we were able to introduce the children with how the firefighter looks and the protective clothing they wear. Also covered was Stop Drop and Roll , Crawl Low in Smoke.