Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Last Weekend Photos

Just a quickie update we are in the new house with everthing in boxes. Took time off Sunday to visit and catch up with the kids and grand kids

Corey's First Haircut Certificate with lock of hair
Corey riding his 4 wheeler
Patricia with her little girl

Mom and Proud Grandpa with Remedy


Jessica said...

Aw, love the pictures, Patricia looks great! Thanks for the call yesterday, I was busy & couldn't answer. I'll try to give you a call today!

Kimberly said...

Love those babies! I still can't believe you have one on the way! Do you remember how to do those 2:00am feedings? LOL I am just glad to have all 3 of mine out of diapers! LOL We almost went broke between 1996 and 2003!