Friday, June 22, 2007

This Week

Several things to blog about.
Got to ichat with Roger and my friend Kevin VanHook and his family. I had a great time catching up. We hope to try and stay caught up better than we have been.

With the Moderate Drought in Kentucky The Chief and I are thinking of not having a community fireworks show this 4th of July. Chief and I are thinking that waiting until later in the year if at all to have the show. (Chief will be presenting our idea this Monday at the Commission meeting.

Our washing machine got over loaded and I at first thought that the gear box was shot. With that type of repair costing about $250.00. With the machine being 9 or 10 years old I didn't want to put that kind of monies in it. So I went to a appliance repair shop in Danville and asked their opinion. Straight away the guy said that what I described was not the gear box but was the motor coupling, a $14.00 part.
So I got the part from the guy and fixed the machine this afternoon. Tada!


Kimberly said...

So you ARE handy!
I think this is the first domestic repair I have ever seen you post about. I hate when something breaks and you have that fear of "what it will cost"! Right now we are dealing with a broken range computer. Our one 1/2 year old range has been broken by your brother two times. The first time it was only a week old and I called the store back and asked for the extended warranty! I'm glad I did. That bad boy is covered until 2010!

Fire Marshal Ken said...

Yes I admit I can be handy. This time I thought blogging about it with
a few pics could be fun.

Im trying to blog a little more about day today things. Ive come to
enjoy the little things about the lives of people I read about. So many stories and people to read about.

Stephanie said...

I am so happy that he is mechanically inclined and very willing to try something he's never done - especially since I'm the one that overloaded the washer! I know now that three feather pillows just don't work in that type washing machine.

Ken, I DO appreciate everything you do and love you very much for it.