Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fall Colors In Kentucky

These pictures were all taken with in a 1/4 mile area in Danville Kentucky


Kimberly said...

Thank you for posting these pictures!
I am missing fall so bad this year. It's the first year in a long time, that we haven't been up north to see the colors and fall is by far my favorite time of the year.

It's not hot!
There is a beautiful breeze in the air!
You can wear your favorite sweater!
A nice campfire in the backyard!
Hot chocolate!
Leaf fights!
Afternoon day dreaming!
Apple picking and canning!

Thanks again!
See you next week!!!!!

tricia said...

Gorgeous! I miss fall.

Greg Pflug said...

Howdy bro,
I'm jealous of the fall colors. I wish I was going to be here for your entire visit. I will try to get home early on Saturday.

Ray Whitehouse said...

Nice pics in Dville. I think I can identify each spot! Too bad such a short color season this year. Good to run into you and the G-man today. Wanted to mention these sites to you. is my site for photo sharing. (Tricia, check out the Old Bridge gallery for more fall pics) AND As your schedule allows, this is a good resource for licensing. I just signed off with John in the Virgin Islands and Fred in London, England - all from a little wire in my back yard.