Thursday, June 26, 2008

Please vote on baby names for Kenlyn.

Kenlyn called yesterday asking us to choose a favorite baby name out of these three:

1. Dylan
2. Zander
3. Conner

Stephanie chose Dylan and I chose Zander.

Per Kenlyn's request please post YOUR favorite name of the three in my comments section. I'll pass the info on to Kenlyn. Her son is due in late August or early September. I'll be sure to post the new baby's name as soon as I know what the final name choice is.


Anonymous said...

I like all three names, but conner is my favorite. Corey and Conner sound like brothers. xxoo

tricia said...

I like Dylan.

Roger said...

Conner for sure

Kimberly said...

I like:

Dylan(1st choice)

Jessica said...

I like Conner.

Anonymous said...

Dylan has my vote. Hope you are all well! Love, Melissa