Sunday, July 16, 2006

Friday 7-14

Worked a regular day 8a-4p then headed home got home and found Stephanie resting.
We decided to get out of the house for a bit.The weather looked a bit threatening so we brought our umbrellas just in case of rain. We ended up downtown Lexington at a restaurant called Cheapside. We split a portabello mushroom ravioli (excellent dish). One issue we had was the iced tea we ordered was stale it had the earthy dirt taste we ended up exchanging it for 2 diet sodas. After dinner the weather that looked like rain was holding out so we ventured out to the street walking down a block to main street where a store that had been wanting to window shop a long time was located. The store is a hat shop called "The Mad Hatter". Looking through the front window you could see hundreds of different shaped sized and styles of hats. While we were gazing at all the wonderful hats the rain that had been looming decided to let loose all at once. We enjoyed the downpour by stepping deeper into the door way of the shop and shielding ourselves with our umbrellas. The rain continued for 10 minutes at a hard and steady rate. Finally the rain letting up a bit we headed back to the car. Most every Friday we get the local paper to see what is happening around town. This night we thought going to a place called The Grapevine and listening to some live music would be fun. Now Stephanie and I enjoy a lot of different types of music with country music being at the bottom of our liked music list, so we were both surprised that The Grapevine was a combination country / 80's music bar and grill depending on what day of the week it is. And of course It is Country Friday's there :-). We did stay for about a hour during which the rain storm returned with lightning making the Air Conditioning fail (extra hot and humid). After the storm cleared it was close to 11 so we headed back to the house and laid down for the night.

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