Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Incredible Children furniture

At this site Posh Tots they have some of the most incredible furniture I have ever seen for kids. check out these two photos of a boys bed and a girls bed, then go to the web site andlook under funiture then fantasy furniture to see the prices thaey are asking for these items.


greg said...

Lets think rationaly, A cute bed for a kid or a lifetime supply of great beer? Or even a organ transplant?

Discount Contemporary furniture said...

Wooden patio furniture comes in many styles and in various finishes. Nowadays the best outdoor wood patio furniture sets can rival the quality of indoor dining furniture. There are many different types of wood used. As well as Teak, these include Cypress with its unique grain; Cedar which transforms from a red or reddish-brown colour to a silvery-grey appearance; and Knotted Pine which has a natural resistance to the outdoor elements, pests, and decay.

zane said...

Casamodern offer Kid Furniture collections here for your review.