Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Day 3

Day 3 Mon.

The class Im taking is developing life safety strategies. In the class we are learning the process so that when we return to our towns we will be able to apply the process to our communities. Today we were tasked to write a problem statement for the pretend town we are using in the class, and then using what we learned write a problem statement for our own towns.

After class our instructor, who is a civil war buff took a group of us to Gettysburg to give us a tour of a few sites of interest. He gave a 20 min lecture at each spot painting a very clear picture of how the battle occurred. We went to the Devils Den, Little Round Top. And The Bloody Angle.

At around 6:30 we went to the Farnsworth House for dinner. I had the chicken pot pie and bake potato.

We got back to the campus around 8:30. Read the assignment for the next day, called Stephanie, and went to bed.

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