Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Day 4

Day 4 Tuesday, Started out by sleeping in till 7am... Great idea. With our class being a pilot class.

(Pilot class means that the class is still a work in progress and that the instructors are watching how the class flows making any adjustments where necessary). So far we the students have found out that the class needs a bit of tweeking before it is ready for public delivery. It also means that some times the class gets a bit bogged down and loses some of its direction.

I have enjoyed the class and the information learned I plan on conducting a needs assessment for the City of Danville so that I can focus my time and energy to a well defined issue.

I have been missing Stephanie a lot. My highlight of the day is the time I have while talking with her. I will be glad when this week of classes is over and I can go home and hold Stephanie in my arms.

This night I went to the command post (a place next to the pub and sat around talking most of the night with my class mates about common issues and ideas from their departments.
and headed off to bed around 10:30

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La Fenêtre À Mon Âme said...

I miss you too sweetie! I think of so many things I want to tell you during the day, but by the time we talk I can't cram it all in.
Love you,